Educational Values

edutainment young engineerschildren franchise button Programs that are logically based on an edutainment (education + entertainment) approach.

children franchise button Curriculum and lesson method involves problems solving, measurement and estimation.

children franchise button Utilizes the four (math) operations with whole numbers, in order to solve mathematical problems.

children franchise button A designated place for each LEGO® part in our kit allows the students to focus on learning and building, rather than searching for parts scattered in a box.

children franchise button Specific lessons can be engaged in pairs, a great benefit for developing teamwork and encouraging interpersonal communication.

children franchise button Special building manuals: due to the diversity of students’ abilities, our building manuals provide a solution to suit those differences in ability. After completing the basic model, the students are presented with a choice to either enhance their model using  their own imagination, or through our enhancement levels offered in the building sheets and in the instructor manual.



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