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로보브릭스 -> 초등5학년부터 중등3학년

Robo Bricks Young Engineers e2


프로그램 요약

실험과 주도적인 제작을 통해 기술, 프로그램 코딩, 수학, 그리고 현실적인 상황에 필요한 원리를 접목하는 기술을 배우게 된다.

The Robo Bricks course objective is to introduce the students to theoretical and practical aspects of the fields of Technology, Software Engineering, Math and Entrepreneurship.

The course develops algorithmic thinking and program implementation, using the LEGO® WeDo graphic programming. During each lesson, students will build a robot using LEGO® parts and program it according to the required functionality. Most programming tasks will be performed using English terms.

This enrichment program objective is achieved when the students design a software and mechanical engineering project, study its market and use rhetorical methods to make a successful presentation to investors.

연령 대상: (만) 11 – 16세

주제: 36가지

기간: 1년

Average lesson duration: 60 minutes/90 minutes

Robo bricks enrichment program

Young Engineers Robo Bricks Enrichment Program

Robo Bricks Main Topics

  • 프로그램 코딩과 기계공학의 원리:
    알고리즘의 원리, 컴퓨터의 유사부호 원리, 플로 차트, 실제 코딩, 출력의 다양성 적용 능력, 입력의 다양성 적용 능력, 루우프 법, 멀티쓰레딩, 키보드 작동법, 감지기능 작동법, 계산 명령어 등.
  • 기업문화의 소개: 시장 조사, 생산력 이해, 구글의 작동법, MS 파워포인트 작성법, 수사학적 사고력 등.
 Program Objectives

  • Develop algorithmic thinking.
  • Learn English software engineering terminology.
  • Develop procedural thinking.
  • Develop self-confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.
  • Submit a final project.
  • Develop presentation skills and nurture rhetorical capabilities.
  • Develop the following 21st century skills:
  • Working in teams efficiently.
  • Computer orientation.
  • Acquiring information system and media literacy.
  • Develop High Order thinking skills with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking.

  • Gadgets and games.
  • Modern Robots to execute different tasks.

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