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브릭스 첼렌지 -> 초등1학년부터 5학년

Bricks Challenge Young Engineers e2

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일반 교육에서는 이론에 제한되는 다양한 원리를 직접 만들고 적용하는 과학, 기술, 공학, 수학의 스탬 융합교육을 체험한다.

Bricks Challenge is our most popular enrichment program. The overall course objective is to impart theoretical and applied knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Math (STEM) by using LEGO® technic parts and other exciting tools.

The main goal of the course is to illustrate content through stories and demonstrations. Our students will learn math and physical principles through intuitive study, develop their independent learning and improve their building skills.

The course will provide mathematical integration between physical laws and the simple calculations to support them. The laws and mathematics are both illustrated through the construction of exciting LEGO® bricks models. Once the concepts have been demonstrated students enjoy hands on building the YE LEGO® models which provides experiential learning and reinforces the lessons topic. To carry out the building process, students receive a tailor made kit developed by Young Engineers.

연령 대상: (만) 7 – 12세

주제: 40가지

기간 : 1년

Bricks challemge enrichment program

Young Engineers Bricks Challenge Enrichment Program

Program Main Topics

  • 복합수학의 개념: 힘의 이동을 수학의 지수와 함수를 통한 계산으로 적용해 본다.
  • 철학가, 이론가들의 소개: 아르키메데스, 뉴튼, 아인슈타인 외.
  • 힘의 원리: 원심력, 구심력, 관성력, 운동 에너지, 위치 에너지, 작용-반작용의 원리, 양력, 토크, 지렛대의 힘, 부하 배분, 힘의 보존, 각운동량 외.
Bricks Challenge Objectives and Values

  • Develop time planning and management skills.
  • Encourage independent creative-inventive thinking.
  • Develop the ability to analyze engineering processes.
  • Broaden knowledge of physical laws and various natural phenomena.
  • Improve spatial vision.
  • Develop a sense of self-efficacy.
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills.
Building and Investigating Exciting Theme Models

  • Amusement park rides.
  • Aircraft.
  • Various means of transportation.
  • Cranes.
  • Elevators.
  • Modern machines.

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